Top Ten Guitarists of all Times

Published: 06th June 2012
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Jimi Hendrix

Johnny Allen Hendirx popularly known as Jimi Hendrix tops the list of the “Top Ten Guitarists of all Times”. In his rather short career he completely revolutionized guitar playing and created a lasting impression which still influences guitarists.

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson the legendary guitar player is considered by many as the best guitarist ever. Nicknamed the “Grandfather of Rock n Roll” and the “King of Delta Blues”, Johnson in his short span of life created music which is described as innovative, timeless, inspirational and haunting.

Eric Clapton

Dubbed as the God of Guitar Playing, Clapton has a strong intense sense of melody. Never afraid of experimentation Clapton mesmerized the audience with deep soul stirring tunes as well as with his loud passionate playing. Clapton holds the distinction of being inducted in the Rock n Roll House of Fame three times and has other impressive awards to his credit as well.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page is undoubtedly the pillar of Rock music. He started his career as a session guitarist and later joined the Yardbirds; one of the most popular bands in the late 60s. Later the band was renamed as Led Zeppelin with Page being the driving force behind it. Page experimented heavily and produced a successful combination of blues and hard rock.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards is an iconic figure in the history of rock n roll. Better known for his association with the Rolling Stones; Keith Richards experimented with various styles till he discovered his own unique style. This exceptionally talented guitarist was the uncrowned King of his time. He was a trend setter admired and envied by many.

B.B King

B.B King the renowned blue’s musician was also one of the most influential electric guitarists of his times. His created his signature style by fusing mainstream pop, jazz, swing and blues. He has inspired many guitar gurus like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

Jeff Beck

Talented, versatile and totally amazing Jeff Beck is one of the most influential guitarists of all times. Eric Clapton once remarked that “Beck pulls sounds out of his guitars”. Being bold and adventurous he experimented successfully in every genre of music.

Chuck Berry

Another iconic figure in the history of guitars is Chuck Berry. His song Maybellene ruled the charts in the 1950s and is considered the “First Rock n Roll” by the music buffs. Berry’s style was an amalgamation of rhythms and blue beats. Berry had a highly successful career and in an era where racial discrimination was at its peak he enjoyed a huge white fan following.

Eddie Van Halen

The inventor of two hand tapping Eddie Van Halen is one of the most skilled, creative and innovative guitar players. Known for his versatility and passionate strumming, Eddie is by far one of the greatest Rock n Roll guitarists.

Peter Townshend

Creative and energetic Peter Townshend is an English rock guitarist. He was associated with the band “Who” and was known for his lively on stage performances. Townshend also penned more than 100 songs for the band many of which were super hits. He also has a successful solo career to his credit.


Above is a list of ten great guitarists of all times who revolutionized guitar playing and made a big difference with their unique styles. These guitarists have left a deep impact on the guitar players and are a source of inspiration for the guitarists of their era and those who came after them. Their contribution to music has won them accolades in the form of prestigious awards and honors.

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