Top Ten Guitarists of all Times

06th June 2012
Jimi Hendrix Johnny Allen Hendirx popularly known as Jimi Hendrix tops the list of the “Top Ten Guitarists of all Times”. In his rather short career he completely revolutionized guitar playing and created a lasting impression which still influences gui... Read >

How to Clean a Guitar

14th May 2012
The Guitar is a sensitive instrument which needs to be cleaned regularly. The accumulation of dirt and dust not only spoils its appearance but also affects its sound and playability. A well maintained guitar not only lasts longer but is more playable and ... Read >

How to Choose Your First Guitar?

14th May 2012
Your very own first guitar is a special instrument which probably stays with you for life. How to choose your first guitar however can be an overwhelming experience and for this reason aspiring guitarists are often advised to do some research before decid... Read >